MattStoneTreyParkerOnStickofTruthFollowing the launch of the Stick of Truth in the USA earlier this week, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have spoke out about the game and the challenges that it faced.

In an interview with the New York Times, the South Park creators hit back at the censorship delays in Germany and actually make light of the situation. It has now been revealed that Nazi Soldiers were behind the continuing delays to the game that we reported yesterday.

“It’s just hilarious… the first thing we got back was you can’t have Nazis in Germany. You’ve got these Nazi zombies, and you can’t show Nazis in Germany. And I’m like, ‘Well, I’m pretty sure they did it first.’ ”

Trey Parker – New York Times

They continued to say about the impact they fault with the delays to the launch.

If anybody’s frustrated with the delays to ‘South Park,’ nobody’s more frustrated than us,” Mr. Stone said. “We have to do it our way, and it’s pretty inefficient.”

Matt Stone – New York Times

A key feature of the game has been how accurate the animation has been in relation to the TV show, the pair also spoke about how they felt when seeing a finished product so close to an episode of the show.

“I loved the realness of it…you’re just in a home, and you go outside, and the first thing you fight is a cricket or something. You start from a real place

Matt Stone – New York Times

Finally the pair joked that without any censorship the game wouldn’t be South Park.